For over several years we at Sandy Bar Angus have strived to raise Angus with calving ease, thickness, good hair, cattle with eye appeal, an performance. But, the ultimate goal is to see our commercial customers do well. There is nothing better to see pot load after pot load of Black Angus calves top the market or hear the country buyer paying a premium for these Black Angus cattle. It is even more gratifying to tour feedlots in Canada and the United States and hear positive comments of black calves sired by Short Grass bulls! See Below…

Some Sandy Bar program highlights include:

  • The herd consists of over 400 registered black Angus cows, plus a select group of commercial heifers that are also bred each year.
  • The Switzers have been heavily involved with Black Angus feeder sales.
  • Performance testing has been carried on for 50 years which has been matched to cattle with depth, length, natural thickness and eye appeal aimed primarily at the commercial cattle breeder.
  • Bulls for the Short Grass Sale are developed in three to five acre lots with the animals fed free choice hay at one end of the pen and water at the other to force daily exercise as a major aid to developing proper feet and legs. A limited amount of grain is also supplied to provide necessary condition to start the breeding season. The results of the management program are that Sandy Bar bulls are able to perform well under some of the toughest terrain in North America.
  • The Sandy Bar cow herd is bred for a 60-day calving interval. Dry cows are shipped.
  • A complete cow herd inventory is maintained in the Sandy Bar computer programs. This provides instant information on adjusted weights, calving intervals, the number of calves each cow has produced, where the cows are located, who has purchased them and how much each cow is contributing to the Sandy Bar income pattern.
  • Embryo transplants are also a part of the Sandy Bar management program. Top cows are flushed each year with Davis-Rairdan carrying out all the embryo work. More transplant information is available from Roger Davis .