36th Annual Short Grass Bull & Female Sale

Saturday, April 19th, 2014
At the Ranch – Aneroid, SK

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* 179 Black Angus Yearling Bulls
* 23 “Fancy” Purebred Yearling Heifers
* 400+ “One Iron” Commercial Yearling Heifers

Another Great Year – hopefully this is habit forming.

Again we are offering 179 Bulls. These Bulls are developed in a natural environment with plenty of room to rumble. We will be offering 23 of our Top cut Registered Yearling Heifers. Lots of these Bulls and Heifers are out of “Elite” Sires or Dams.

We have Freeze branded all the sale cattle for easier identification. You, the customer, have really appreciated this by the comments we have received.

We will be selling 400 “One Iron” Open Replacement Heifers. These are our customer’s heifers. All Heifers are in a complete health program and will be palpated. They sell at 12:00 Sharp.

All cattle will be videoed and we will broadcast the sale live through “Cattle In Motion”.

New this year, we have added Jim Nugent to our “Sight Unseen Program”. He does not need much introduction to the Bull business. Retiring after 23 years with PFRA buying 1,000 bulls
every year. Welcome Aboard.

The Short Grass Crew